A Four-Stage Project Process

We’ve honed our project process to be a meticulous, four-stage journey that keeps your vision at the forefront.



In this initial stage, we collaborate with you to define the scope of the project. We draft block diagrams, process flow diagrams, batch time diagrams, and select unit operations. A 2D layout visualizes the required space, allowing you to see your vision taking shape. We conduct in-house testing to mitigate processing risks. By the stage’s end, we provide a budget and planning that align with your business case.


Basic Engineering

Moving forward, our basic engineering stage adds more detail to the project. We draft P&ID schemes, equipment datasheets, item lists, and functional specifications crucial for the automation team. 3D conceptual drawings bring your processing line to life. We offer a revised budget that provides full transparency, ensuring that the project’s cost aligns with your expectations.



During the execution phase, we create detailed 3D drawings based on the 3D concepts and manufacture the actual processing units. We prioritize prefabrication to increase efficiency and eliminate the need for on-site work at your premises.


Commissioning and Delivery

As we reach the final stage, our engineers visit your premises to ensure the line is commissioned flawlessly. We ensure that every aspect of the project aligns with our initial promises, and your processing line is ready to deliver exceptional results.

A Partnership Built on Trust

Working with D&W means embarking on a journey with a partner who listens, understands, and delivers. We believe that your success is our success, and together, we’re building a future where your vision becomes reality.

Welcome to D&W, where your project’s success is our primary focus, and customer satisfaction is our measure of achievement.