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"At D&W, we're co-creating the future of food by pioneering sustainable, flexible, and innovative process equipment. Together, we're revolutionizing food production for a more accessible and sustainable world."

the greengineers

“Our backbone is our dedicated team of ‘greengineers.’ Passionate and innovative, they lead the charge in sustainable food solutions. Combining their expertise in engineering and commitment to green practices, our greengineers co-create ingenious solutions, driving a brighter future for food production. With every innovation, they embody our vision: sustainable progress in every delicious bite, shaping a world where access to safe and fair food is paramount.”

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Integrated Excellence: Engineering, Manufacturing, and Beyond:

At D&W, we embrace a unique advantage: housing both engineering and manufacturing expertise under one roof. This integration empowers our ‘greengineers’ to fuse creativity with practicality, seamlessly incorporating manufacturing insights into the engineering process. Early-stage prototyping and testing are intrinsic to our approach, allowing us to mitigate risks, refine concepts, and deliver exceptional solutions from the project’s very inception. The result? Innovations that stand the test of efficiency, sustainability, and effectiveness.

Impactful Scale, Agile Dynamics:

Striking the ideal balance, we are a company with impactful scale and agile dynamics. D&W is big enough to make a substantial impact in the industry, yet small enough to swiftly adapt project dynamics, particularly crucial in innovation projects. This agility propels us forward, allowing us to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements.

Client-Centric Approach:

Our approach begins and ends with our clients. D&W operates from a customer’s vantage point, understanding that their business case is the compass guiding our journey. We become a temporary extension of our client’s business during project execution, aligning our solutions with their constraints and aspirations, ensuring a collaboration that truly serves their goals.

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user case

From peel to indispensable ingredients… the circular solution

Do you like drinking fresh orange juice? The pressing machines in supermarkets and catering establishments are good for enormous mountains of orange peels. PeelPioneers' mission is to save all citrus residues and convert them into valuable ingredients. D&W helped develop the factory.

Process applications

D&W specializes in engineering cutting-edge processing applications for liquid food products. Our expertise drives innovation, ensuring optimal quality and sustainability across a diverse range of liquid offerings.


Black Soldier Fly processing

Unlocking Nutritional Potential with Black Soldier Fly Processing

Brewers Spent Grain processing

Unlocking Protein from Brewers’ Spent Grain

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Process equipment

In addition to innovative processing applications, D&W constructs the very equipment that powers liquid food production. Our custom-built machinery ensures precision, efficiency, and quality in every drop.


MasterCIP systeem

A modular CIP system with unparalleled flexibility.

ViscMix System

Homogenization of the most viscous liquids and products.

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